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Neill Family
First Generation                   
                   Robert* & Mary b.1813

Second Generation
                   Ann Jane b. 1834                   
                   Mary (Davison) b. 1838          
                   Thomas* b. 1840                    
                   Jeremiah b. ?                           
                   William b. 1843                       
Third Generation                                                  
                   Thomas* b. 1882                      
                   Robert (Bob)+ b.1883              
                   Alex^  b. 1886                          
                   George~ b. 1888                     
                   Maggie b. 1894                       
Following Generations
                  Betty*Neill(b. 1921) & Arthur Harbrow
                            (for children see Harbrow)
                  Errol* Neill (b. 1928) & Gwynith Butterfield
                            Gary Neill                                                 
                  Colin* Neill (b. 1930) & Madge Willoughby

                  Arthur+ Neill (b.1916) & Shirley Hunt
                  Margaret+ Neill (b.1918) & Arthur Humphries
                             Lois Humphries
                             Neil Humphries 
                  Robert+ Neill (b. 1921) & Leslie Stowell
                             Robin Neill
                             Gary Neill
                             Tony Neill                     
                  Nancy+ Neill (b.1925) & George Cairns
                             Julia Cairns
                             Douglas Cairns
                  Gordon^ Neill (b.1911) & Mary McGechan
                             Margaret Neill (Smith)
                             Alexander Neill                      
                  Thomas(Jack)^ Neill (b.1915) & Isabella Walker
                             Ian Neill
                             William (Billy) Neill
                             Diane Neill                         
                  Dorothy^ Neill (b.1928) & Bill Spence
                             Sharyn Spence
                             Garry Spence                        
                  George~ Neill (b.1933) & Alison Duncan
                              Warren Neill
                              Neville Neill
                              Lynda Neill
                              Diana Neill

Note :  Actual dates of birth are not shown in the tree above but are available from the writer on enquiry

Last Updated : 27 Sept 2008